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e.g yYtI988h35TLbkiPsdsdewHA0lADGt2GBKZAuaW3dSAZDZD&expires_in=0

Copy your AccessID after the access_token=[MYTOKEN]

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You have to enable subscriber mode just click here and PUBLIC your posts

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Up to 100 likes = FREE

Up to 400 likes = 200 PHP 15 days

Up to 700 likes = 300 php for 30 days

Up to 1000 likes = 500 php for 30 days

Up to 2000 likes = 800 php for 30 days

2000 PHOTO likes = 300 PHP per photo

Payment Method Paypal, Western Union, Cebuana and Mlhuilier Conctact Rex Adrivan For payments.